Landscape Design Greensboro NC

Landscape Design Greensboro NC

Article provided by: Green View Landscaping

Landscape Design Greensboro NC

If you are perplexed by the task of designing the perfect landscape, then you're in the right place now. Whether you just don't have the time, the equipment, or the know-how, Green View Landscaping can help. We can help you draw up a landscape design plan that will make your property the envy of your neighborhood! Let us help you with your landscape design in Greensboro, NC.

The first thing we do when planning a landscape design is to draw up a plan of your entire property as it currently is. We'll discuss the elements that are present that you may wish to keep or get rid of. For example, these could be trees, shrubs, a garden, or other elements. We'll also take note of the important features of your existing landscape, such as sunny areas, shaded areas, hills, privacy concerns, etc.

Identifying Objectives

With this rudimentary map of your property's layout, we'll then consult with you to discuss your particular goals and needs for your landscape design. Different people have different landscape needs and goals. For example, do you want your landscape to be wheelchair accessible? Do you want to have a large deck for get-togethers? How about an open area for your pets and kids to play? How about a tranquil small sitting patio where you can read a book and sip lemonade on a hot, summer day? We'll include all of your current and future goals into your landscape plan.

How We Plan

The best way to start a landscape design plan is to start big to small, adding the bigger items to your plan first. Once you have larger items planned, it's much easier to fill in around them. Naturally, you can expect that Green View Landscaping will draw up your landscape design plans according to your budget and goals.

Most people understand the idea of planning interior design. Well, outdoor landscape planning works much the same. Believe it or not, the style of home that you have will play a big role in how your landscape is designed. For example, a traditional home may do well with a variety of landscape options. However, modern homes tend to look better with lots of clean lines and simple plantings.

Choosing Landscape Elements

When it comes to different elements in your landscape, you will have the final say-so. Green View Landscaping will provide you with our professional feedback and opinion as needed. You can choose from plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, and bushes. We can use beds with clean lines to clearly define points of interest, or we can use curved beds to make your garden look more natural. We can also plant hedges to create a natural fence, or we can install a fence of your choice.

If your property has hills, we can possibly plant on the slope or use retaining walls that will define different points of interest. We can also install different types of pathways, water features, lighting arrangements, and more. Our creativity is only as limited as your goals and budget!

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If you are interested in professional landscape design in Greensboro, NC, contact Green View Landscaping today.

Landscape Design Greensboro NC
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