living walls purify the air

Living walls are the ultimate in going green. As the name implies, a living wall is an interior or exterior wall covered by live plants. Sometimes these plants are grown in soil. But when water is plentiful and conditions are right, living walls can grow without soil making them surprisingly lightweight.

Living walls, or vertical green walls as they’re also called, are beautiful to look at and functional. With proper irrigation, adequate sunlight and sufficient support, vertical gardens can quickly and inexpensively update the look of an otherwise boring wall. But that’s not all. Many require very little in the way of maintenance. Dead leaf removal and occasional plant replacement are usually all that’s needed.

Living walls are more popular than ever and it’s no wonder. They’re all the rage in urban environments where horizontal space is rare and vertical space abounds. They can promote happiness and a sense of calmness where there once was none. They can cut noise pollution by acting as effective sound barriers. They can add visual interest. They can provide insulation and can even purify the air.

Design options are practically limitless thanks to the ability to mix and match plant species and vary the shape and size of a wall. All that combined with strategic placement of plants lets you achieve practically any desired look or purpose. It doesn’t matter whether you want an entire wall of live landscaping or a few rows of plants to define a space or draw attention to a focal point. It’s all possible with vertical green walls.

Turning ordinary walls into thriving living walls isn’t as simple as potting a few plants. There’s a lot to plan and consider. So do yourself a favor and enlist the help of a plantscape design expert. You’ll be glad you did!