Plant Solutions provides interior plant services for homes, office buildings, and commercial properties all over Arizona areas including, Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale. We can design an indoor oasis for you and can help you manage your household plant, and no job is too big for us – we are fully equipped!

Living walls design office

A simply designed wall with indoor plants installations ideal for your living or office space.

Our Plant Design and Maintenance Services in Arizona

Our specialists will help you decide on the plants that will thrive in your environment by looking at a variety of factors, including space, light level, and maintenance needs.

We offer a variety of low-light, medium-light, and high-light level plants that are suited to different environments. Our plant services include:

Patio Landscaping

We expand our creativity to the outdoors by designing, installing, and maintaining plants in containers for your patio, deck,or poolside area. Framing an entrance door or dressing your pool surroundings are some of the tasks we can do. Our talented team will evaluate your space and other factors such as lighting and ventilation, and design a plantscape perfectly suited to your patio or deck.

We not only install and maintain your plants, but we will also create a whole look suited to your space and preference. From small spaces, large spaces to balconies, we do it all! Contact us today to get a quote for your patio plantscape project.

Plantscaping For Luxury Residentials

In addition to providing indoor and patio landscaping to offices and commercial facilities, we also provide indoor and outdoor plants and trees for luxury residential homes. We can bring in a variety of plants and custom-made concrete containers and turn your home into your very own oasis! Types and sizes of indoor plants and trees would vary based on your lighting and space availability, the height of ceilings, etc.

Indoor plants near me

A dark wall finishes with a set indoor plant design incorporating hanging and set plants

We can customize patio settings, bringing the beauty and color found in nature into your luxury home. This will significantly add to the decorative appearance and ambience. We have plants and trees available for varioustypes of indoor and outdoor lighting environments. View our interior plantscaping services for a sample of just a few of the plants we can offer.


We lease indoor plants, container, and offer regular care and maintenance. Maintenance consists of cleaning, watering, pruning, soil fertilization, and organic pest control as necessary. Check out our customized plant lease services.

Delivery and Installation of Plants Near Me

If you want plants near you to be delivered and installed, look no further. The plantings we install and maintain are a reflection of us as they are of our clients. That’s why we take special care during every phase of the interior landscaping process. We never contract our services out. We always send our in-house experts to install and maintain your plants. Before we install the first plant, our designers visit your facility to check for factors that may create problems—conditions such as lighting, heat, cooling, traffic flows, and interior design. Then we can develop a plan using plants that will complement your facility and survive in it. We can work with your designer or directly with you. We will also help you create a plantscaping plan from scratch or add a professional touchto your current plans.

Plant Maintenance

We take pride not only in the landscaping design and installation at your facility but also in giving the utmost attention to maintaining the interior landscaping presentation. Plant Solutionsis located in Phoenix, Arizona,and services clients in Phoenix and the surrounding metropolitan locations.We provide complete and continuous maintenance as required, once weekly being the minimum provision. This is done to maintain healthy and visually attractive plants at all times in the client’s facility. All plants are guaranteed in our plant maintenance service.

Plant Solutions’Plant MaintenanceService include:

  • Weekly inspection of all plants by a certified plant technician.
  • Watering as necessary to maintain the correct moisture content the in soil.
  • Application of fertilizers and trace elements as necessary to maintain healthy and attractive plants.
  • Weekly cleaning and pruning of all foliage to maintain an attractive size, shape, and appearance of plants.
  • Landscaping consultation and design services
  • Rotation of plants to expose all sides to light.
  • Inspection of soil and foliage for insects and disease and application of necessary pesticides and fungicides.
  • Cleaning of plant containers and removal of debris from bark or topping material.
  • Inspection of containers for leakage or damage.
  • Repotting and staking of plants.

Upon request, professionals at Plant Solutionswillvisit your location to assess your needs and assist in determining which plants will best suit your environment.

Indoor Plants Maintenance

A collection of indoor plants excellent for green indoor design installations.

We will provide a wide selection of the best quality plants available, as well as a variety of decorative containers in several styles and colors to compliment your decor. Design consultation services are complimentary. Upon your selection, we will present you with a proposal based on our available services on a periodic lease agreement.

Customized Holiday Décor for Corporate Events

Whatever your preference for your design, we can customize your indoor plants. You name it and specify it, and we shall deliver – Holiday trees, poinsettias, wreaths, topiaries, and garlands. Festive seasons and your specifications give us the opportunity to put our designing skills and knowledge to work for you.

Living Green Walls

We specialize in creating unique living wall displays that closely mimic nature, allowing plants to grow to their full potential without limitations. Living walls (green walls) are self-sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to the exterior or interior of a building’s wall, or fence, or rail. This landscaping trend serves as a creative way to showcase fresh plants and flowers in your home or commercial property while enjoying their many benefits.

Fill your space with the beauty of colorful flowers while the natural air purifying capability of plants cleanses your environment. Each living wall is a unique combination of a multitude of colors, textures, and sizes that are found in nature. The plants of your choosing are rooted in a structural support which is fastened directly to the wall, fence, or rail.