Phoenix Plant Service – Useful tips to help you get started 

Pheonix Indoor Interior Office Plant Service If you have been considering adding interior landscaping to your office, you’ve come to the right place. We are a Phoenix plant service that offers everything you could want in office plants and interior landscaping. We have experts that will visit your location to design a layout and pick plants that will work best in your space. They will work with you to make sure that your desires are met. Our professionals will also install your new interior landscape, so you have no extra work to do. Whatever you envision for your office space we can help create it at an affordable cost.

If you know you want interior landscaping brought into your office but aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for, take a look at our gallery. Doing this will give you some ideas, and you can point out your favorite things to our designer, and they will create a layout specially designed for you. Be open with your designer, after all you want the space to be something that you enjoy being in.

Interior landscaping offers many benefits besides creating a beautiful work environment, they:

  • Increase productivity among employees
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower benefit costs
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs

In many studies, plants have been shown to have amazing benefits. It has been proven by NASA that indoor plants remove harmful pollutants from the air. It is amazing that just by adding plants you can create a healthier and cleaner office space.

Don’t just buy plants and hope they look good and last, take advantage of our horticultural services. One of our horticultural specialists will visit your office and create a design that will work in your space. They will consider your specific environment including the lighting, color, location, and the results that you are wanting. When you hire us to provide your interior landscaping, we think about everything, and you get the most for your money.

Interior plant design that creates a Stunning Decorative Space 

Interior plant design enhances your office’s personality by adding colors and texture to an otherwise boring space. Depending on your office elements such as lighting and temperature, as well as what your desired effects are, different plants will be suggested. Different plants offer specific benefits, and most plans have particular conditions that they thrive in. To learn more about which plants might be best in your office space read about the science-backed proof of having office plants.

A popular trend in office spaces today is the open concept floor layout. This layout is great for team interaction and collaboration; However, sometimes employees need private space to work in. Using office plants is one way to keep the open concept atmosphere while still providing necessary privacy.

Besides creating a more visually appealing office, interior landscaping enhances the air quality. Plants and greenery produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, therefore having them in the office aids in removing toxins and provides cleaner, filtered air.

More benefits of having plants in the office include:

  • Increased humidity
  • Create a happier work environment
  • Increases productivity
  • Natural stress reducer
  • Reduced background noise
  • Fewer sick days


Enhance The Beauty Of Your Business With An Office Plant Rental

Enhances the Beauty of Your Business With an Office Plant RentalsYou may be surprised at the amount of work that goes into choosing the correct plants for your office conditions and the maintenance required to keep them alive and looking nice. If you want to try out plants in your office but don’t want to spend the money on buying the plants, you can rent them from Plant Solutions. The cost of renting plants starts at $150 a month, which is a fraction of the cost of buying plants outright. This cost includes our horticultural service. One of our plant experts will visit your office on a regular basis and provide watering, pruning, cleaning, pest management, and replacement if needed.

Some additional benefits of renting your office plants from Plant Solutions are:

  • Free design consulting- An interior plant design expert will design your office space with perfectly selected and placed plants.
  • Renting plant containers-office decor can be rather expensive, and that includes the containers you put your plants in. When you rent these containers, you can divide that cost into your monthly payments. Another advantage of renting your office plant containers is that you can switch them up without having to spend more money.
  • Flexibility in changing the plants up- If you get bored of your plant you can switch it to a new one. You can also decorate according to the seasonal changes without having to buy new plants.
  • Access to professionals- Our plant horticultural experts are always available to assist you with any problems or concerns.

Whether you want to rent office plants on a regular basis, or are looking to decorate for a special event, we can give you what you are looking for. Our experts will help create a design that suits your needs.

We even offer holiday decorating solutions. When you decorate your office for the holidays, you create a special warm and cozy environment, but you probably don’t have the time or energy to put in the effort to create such a space. We can design you a special holiday plan that will be set up in perfect time for the holidays. We will work with your schedule to determine a good time to set up the design and will take everything down when the holidays are over. You can thoroughly enjoy being in such a happy holiday environment without having to worry about setting it up and taking it down.

Indoor Landscaping – What is it?

Indoor landscaping is also known as plantscaping and interiorscaping. It is essentially where indoor environments are improved by adding plants and designs that incorporate greenery. Most people find nature to be comforting and find peace in it, so it is becoming more and more common to bring the outside in with indoor landscaping.

Interior Plant Installation – How Much Does it Cost

Whatever your budget is for interior landscaping we can create a design that you will love. High-end interior landscaping can costs anywhere from $5000 to $10000 for design and installation with monthly maintenance fees anywhere from $150 to $700.

Interior Plant Installation - How Much Does it CostWhen one of our interior landscape designers creates a plan for you, they will consider your budget and choose plants that will thrive in your environment. This will also lower your monthly maintenance costs by choosing plants that will work well in your environment.

Renting your plants may be a more cost-effective option due to the fact that if the plant dies, we replace it for free. With renting you never have to worry about maintenance or the cost of a design change.

Indoor Plant Maintenance – What you need to know

You probably already know that having interior office plants requires quite a bit of maintenance. As an avid plant lover, you know that on a regular basis, your plants need to be-

  • Fertilized
  • Irrigated
  • Pruned
  • Cleaned

This is a lot to take on if you are living a fast paced life. If you need help giving your plants that love and attention that they need, our experienced horticultural technicians are ready to help. They will help maintain your plants on a set schedule ensuring that your plants remain lively and beautiful. Contact our team today at Plant Solutions for more information!