Illuminate Your Office with Holiday Decorations

Illuminate Your Office with Holiday Decorations

Everyone loves the good cheer and warm welcome holiday decorations bring to any space. Imagine centerpieces of pine or willow-branch, glowing with red, silver or white candles and your favorite ornaments. Dress your doors or mantels with garland with pops of this year's trendiest colors. Get ready for wreaths that adorn your windows or doors with velvet, while bringing touches of whimsy or time-honored traditions to life. What if you could welcome your employees to the office in these festive, inviting and beautiful ways?

This year will be different

Before we realize it, the holidays are upon us, and while you may be thinking Halloween, we have been thinking about seasonal décor for months. While the holidays often bring up joy-filled memories, which can make us smile, it seems as though it doesn’t take long to feel overwhelmed or stressed by the myriad of lists we make for parties, events, gift-giving, shopping, decorating, and what seems like never-ending to-dos - and this doesn’t even include anything related to the office! Before you know it, the joy and child-like wonder of the season is gone. Every year we think, “this year will be different” - that’s where we come in.

Holiday décor can be easy, fun and add to your well-being and joy, which is what the December holidays are all about anyway. Holiday decorations leave people feeling happier and more comfortable, they even make your employees feel more at home. Did you know that introducing plants to the workplace can lower tension and anxiety by 37%, while fatigue is shown to be reduced by 38%? With all the hustle and bustle that often accompanies the holidays, what better time of the year is there to reduce tension and fatigue?

Also, holiday decorations are a great way to show your employees and your clients that your company is about more than just business.

Check yourself off your checklist

Let Plant Solutions take something off your to-do list by providing holiday decoration services. We will make your business look perfect, and you don’t have to lift a finger. If you are looking to get into the holiday spirit easily and effortlessly, we are here to help you. Whether you have a specific design in mind, or you’d like us to do it all for you, Plant Solutions will create a customized holiday décor plan to lift your spirits, as well as those around you.

Maybe you’d like the traditional colors of forest green pine with red and gold ribbons filling your office, or the good luck properties of mistletoe hanging around, or even some holly leaves symbolizing the new adventures you’ve had this past year. Perhaps you prefer a more modern touch of blues, pinks and purples. Whatever your preference, we can provide you with amazing holiday décor to fit your budget.

The most wonderful gift you can give yourself is to put calling Plant Solutions on your holiday checklist. Our expert designers will create decorations customized to your space and handle the maintenance that may need to be done with your holiday décor. Plant Solutions offers services that include all of the set-up, maintenance, take down and decoration storage - you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Contact Plant Solutions today to start your holiday season with ease and joy, or get on our list for next year. Give yourself the gift of discovering how we can help you get started on creating the perfect holiday oasis.

Call us today at 480-585-8501 or SEND US AN EMAIL.

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