More and more companies have decided to add a little bit of green to the office in the form of potted plants or living green walls. Why are companies doing this? Studies have shown that there is economic value to the addition of the natural world in a corporate office space. Learn more about the value you can add below.

Improving Employee Productivity and Your Bottom Line with Living Walls

Vertical Green Walls Plants and vertical green walls don’t just look beautiful in your office building; they also can help your bottom line. Imagine if all your employees were healthier and more productive. Would that help your business accomplish more? Of course, it would! Your employees make or break your company, so it is essential that they feel good in their work environment.  One major way to help your employees is to add some life to the office in the form of living plants. Check out three ways that adding plants or living walls to your office can help your employees and your company.

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  • Boosted Employee Productivity – Studies have shown that adding plant life to the office can actually make employees more productive. This productivity could come from the reduced stress that nature provides or the boosted mood that humans get from being around the natural world. If plants can make your employees more productive, it is probably worth the investment for your business.
  • Increased Worker Creativity – Another benefit to plants or living walls in your office is improved creativity and brain function. If the workers in your company are more creative and have increased brain function, that could also help your company’s bottom line.
  • Improved Mental Health for Staff – Scientists and psychologists have studied the human connection to nature, and found that we have an innate desire to connect with the natural world. Maybe that is why studies have shown that an office with plants and nature can lead to improved mental health for the people that work there. Another reason that plants in the office can improve mental health is that they often have a calming or stress-reducing effect.


Above, we discussed just a few of the benefits of adding a little bit of nature into your company’s office space. If you are interested in adding plants or a living green wall to your Glendale business, you can learn more below.

Other ways Biophilic Design in the form of Green Walls Can Affect Your Employees

Green Wall Design and Installation Though above really listed some great ideas that having a green wall in your office could improve your employee’s day to day lives, there are even more benefits to consider. Here are just a few other positive aspects of having a living wall at your business:

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  • Increased attendance
  • Increased employee retention
  • Increased performance scores
  • Increased rates of learning


“Unlike added employee contentment causing a ripple effect that will eventually mean a bigger bottom line, adding live natural plants can also increase sales figures, add negotiating power, and increase customer satisfaction.”

Click this link to read about a study featuring other ways adding nature to your business area could help your bottom-line increase.

Beyond Your Employees, the Added Economic Value of Living Green Walls

Productivity and efficiency can always lead to improving your bottom dollar. There are more ways the art of biophilic design can affect your business’s economics. Depending on your business, there could be benefits that are not employee-centered when you add a living green wall to your workspace. Here are some examples:

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  • In a hospital setting, it has been proven that green plant life can increase the rate of healing for their patients.
  • In a retail setting, studies have shown that the sales numbers tend to be higher when shoppers are exposed to nature and other natural aspects.
  • Client-centered areas, people often feel more at ease when in the presence of nature, making negotiation and discussions more comfortable.


These examples show how your added green wall could increase profits directly. Unlike added employee contentment, causing a ripple effect that will eventually mean a more significant bottom line, adding live natural plants can also increase sales figures, add negotiating power, and increase customer satisfaction.

Going Green by Adding Plants to Your Business in Glendale

Contact Plant Solutions to get your living wall installation today

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Additionally, our horticultural experts will help your office plants thrive. Embrace the benefits of plants in the office and take advantage of the economic value that these living additions can provide. We think your employees will thank you, and you will thank us. Contact us to learn more about the different services we offer at Plant Solutions. We look forward to helping your company go green in Glendale.

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