Workplace Plant Services in ChandlerScent is a very powerful and instinctive sense. Our sense of smell, otherwise known as olfaction, has had an enormous impact on human survival and evolution. Fragrance can make you experience powerful emotions which can be positive or negative. In fact, smells can even trigger memories and feelings from the past.

If you dare to be different, you can associate your company or brand with a specific scent. By harnessing the power of scent, you can make people think of your company every time they smell a particular scent. One way to do this is to use the power of plants or indoor living green walls. Plant Solutions is a plant services company that serves Chandler and the surrounding areas. We provide people with interior plant scaping, but we can also help them make their brand unique through plant landscapes and scent. Learn more about why scent can be so influential below.

The Science Behind Scent

Many people undervalue scent, but it has been an essential part of human survival for thousands of years. A certain smell can be the first sign of danger or safety. For example, in caveman days, the smell of a dead animal could cause hunters to go in the other direction, but the smell of food would draw them closer.

“Going green by adding plants to the office could set your business apart from your competitors. You could even have a specific scent that helps others remember your company.”

Now, we are in an age where we don’t have to worry as much about constant survival, but that doesn’t make scent any less a part of our lives. We still associate smells strongly with memories and experiences we have had in our lives. Scents even affect people’s mood and work performance. This is because we link certain smells to past experiences, and that can have a positive or negative impact on our productivity and happiness. Emotion is connected to smell because olfactory bulbs connect with limbic structures that work to process different feelings.

Do you want to associate your company or business with a specific scent? Interior landscaping or indoor plants can make your business smell and feel great. Studies show that having plants in your business can create a few positive effects. Here is a list of a few of those benefits:

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  • Help with health
  • Improve mood
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase sales numbers
  • Make people feel more creative


Having a pleasant aroma in an office or business can do many of the same things.

Aroma Therapy and Your Office

Office Scenting with Plants in ChandlerThere are various plants you could choose to have in your office that would give you a pleasant aroma. For example, eucalyptus can be grown in a container or pot, and give your space a minty smell. Lavender is another excellent plant to grow for a beautiful landscape and a delicious scent. Yet another common plant with a great smell is Jasmine. Any of these smells could be a great addition to your office.

Eucalyptus is known for its relaxing and minty aroma. It is supposed to help ease stress and anxiety. You will find this woodsy fresh smell in many candles, soaps, lotions, and oil diffusers. This smell is popular and could help provide a calming effect in a workplace.

Lavender scent is often thought of as a calming smell. It has been known for reducing strss and anxiety while increasing wellness, and even reducing pain in some instances. Again, this floral scent is often found in many personal care items and candles. It is also often used in aroma therapy.

Jasmines are often known for their floral sweet smell. This scent is widely used in aroma therapy for stress reduction and as an antianxiety. This flower is often found used in soaps and skin care products simply for the delightful smell as well as its holistic properties.

If you want to add indoor plants with a great scent to your office, you can reach out to an interior plant service in your area.

Chandler Interior Plant Services

Indoor plants offer a lot of great benefits to your company. Plants can work as a natural air filter.

Chandler Interior Plant ServicesPlants can also increase happiness and productivity in employees. Additionally, indoor plant landscapes can be a great way to have unique living art in your business or give your company a great scent that is unforgettable. If you want to harness all the benefits of having plants in your office or business, you can reach out to Plant Solutions. We are a plant services company in the Phoenix area, but we also serve surrounding areas like Chandler.

Plant Solutions offers many different interior plant services. We can create the perfect living wall or interior landscaping with our plant design and installation services. With these amenities, we can even customize a plant installation to you and your business. We will take into account your space, light, airflow, and more to give you a plant installation that will thrive. We also have office plant rental services and plant maintenance services. Going green by adding plants to the office could set your business apart from your competitors. You could even have a specific scent that helps others remember your company. If you would like to learn more about all the services Plant Solutions can offer you in Chandler, click here.

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