If you’ve ever attempted to arrange your own plants to create an indoor landscape, you know there is more to it than how the elements are placed in the space. An interior landscape should include a variety of elements chosen to work together to make it visually interesting without being crowded. There are many elements that can be combined to create an indoor landscape that engages visitors and creates the right tone of the space.

Create Visual Depth and Height

Selecting plants that are all the same size or height might seem like a good idea at the outset but doing so can eliminate some of the natural charms of the landscape you create. In a natural landscape, plants are not uniformly kept in the same size or height. Using plants at different heights gives a room the feeling of being taller and lighter while staying true to nature. Select plants that naturally grow to different heights or use plant shelves and stands to elevate certain plants above others.

Choose the Appropriate Size Plants for The Space

Choose the Appropriate Size Plants for The SpaceProportion is a key element to making your indoor landscape work within the space available. Too much in a small space can be overwhelming, while large rooms with only a few plants can feel cold and unfinished. Larger plants are better placed in larger rooms. They fill the open space without crowding furniture and other elements. Smaller spaces can be accented with plants such as orchids and bromeliads that stay small as they grow. Hanging plants, which are back in style, draw the eye up to make a room look taller or can highlight special architectural touches.

Mix Textures and Types to Create Visual Interest

Unless you’re going for a minimalist, uniform look that calls for matching plants, choose plants with leaves or flowers of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Try grouping a plant with tall, green stalks with another that features bright flowers to create a pop of color to draw attention or mirror colors you’ve chosen for your walls. For a cohesive display, try matching pots or planters to give them a unifying element. If you prefer a whimsical look, turn matching sets of small sculptures or busts into planters. This gives them a cohesive feeling without being overly polished and perfect.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Bold Choice

 engaging interior landscape in your home or business, Plant Solutions If you want to make a striking first impression for when visitors enter your space, don’t be afraid to choose something bold. Large plants that standalone in an open space can make a visual impact, but only if the plant is large enough. A living green wall can act as a conversation piece in one of the central parts of your home or office. While these elements might seem complicated at the outset, they can be simple to plan and incorporate with our help.

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