What is Interior Landscaping?

Interior landscaping is the art of designing, installing, and caring for plants in an enclosed environment. Interior landscaping creates an overall pleasant environment by using natural colors, focal points, ornaments, and sculptural elements. The indoor space gets “landscaped” by adding plants and planters to soften the angles of the room or to accentuate an architectural

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Urban Agriculture

Turning vacant city lots into farms The urban agricultural movement in this nation is progressing rapidly. Cities from New York to Seattle are combating economic struggles by turning vacant city lots into farms and feeding their impoverished neighborhoods with locally grown foods. Urban agriculture is the practice of growing plants and raising animals within or

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Conference and Expo

Plants for clean air message is spreading around the world Again this year Green Plants For Green Buildings had the opportunity to spread its message at the GreenBuild Conference and expo in Chicago. GPGB along with FNGLA (Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association) and NFF (National Foliage Foundation) shared a booth in the expo gallery

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Why Do They Call it “Green”?

Have you ever wondered why this “movement” we are in is called “Green”? Every logo, icon, report, newsletter and label is affixed with some sort of plant leaf, tree or seed with a green colored background or lettering. They didn’t call it the “blue” movement, although perhaps they could have but could you imagine;  “I’m

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Vegetated Urban Rooftops

U.S. cities are going “green.” Gravel. Asphalt. Black tar. Cement. That’s what you get with the typical urban rooftop. But many U.S. cities are going “green.” Fly above Chicago, Atlanta, Portland, and other cities, and you’ll see rooftops displaying aesthetically green wonders. Homeowners and businesses are catching onto this growing movement. A green roof is

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