Top 6 Best Plants for Living Walls

Top 6 Best Plants for Living Walls Living walls have gained popularity among the urban community in the recent years. With the need to bring nature close to ourselves despite the limited urban spaces, many people are now growing and nurturing indoor plants. One way to doing this is by planting a green wall or

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Indoor plants Rental – Why Hiring Plants is Smarter Than Buying

Indoor plants Rental – Why Hiring Plants is Smarter Than Buying If you’ve decided to augment the beauty and health of your indoor environment with living plants, congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards leading a healthier life and more productive workers, a more visually appealing workplace, and all the financial benefits that bring. You

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Humanizing Trees: The Fascinating Research of Suzanne Simard

"The forest is more than what you see," ecologist Suzanne Simard beamed from the Ted stage in 2016. Simard, who has spent the last three decades studying the mechanisms that fuel our forests, then went on to demystify the "quiet, cohesive way of the woods," explaining that trees—in many ways—are just like us. Thanks to

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What Can We Learn From The Most Successful Biophilic Offices?

What do the world’s most successful companies have in common? A passionate workforce, strong leadership, a dynamic product—and plenty of plants. Step inside the offices of Google, Amazon, Airbnb, and Etsy and you’ll be greeted with lush greenery and nods to biophilic design at every turn. And for good reason: Nature-inspired design continues to prove

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The Economics of Biophilic Design

There have been tons of research that looks into the physiological and psychological advantages of being exposed to nature and natural things. These studies cover a wide variety of social issues such as recovery rates of patients who are staying in the hospital through the sales trends in retail markets that are affected by the

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MossWallArt™ by Plant Solutions achieves Living Product Challenge Petal Certification

Plant Solutions is excited to announce that MossWallArt is now the first and only interior art offering to achieve the International Living Future Institute’s Living Product Challenge Petal Certification, earning a Declare label signifying freedom from red list materials(chemicals that have been designated as harmful to humans and the environment). The Living Product Challenge is a framework for manufacturers

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How Indoor Plants Are Affected by Seasons Changing

As the seasons change to Spring and new plant life takes bloom outside, it may be time to change the way you treat your indoor plants. Seasonal changes affect indoor environments and the plants within them almost as much as they do outdoor plants. Plants are very sensitive to changes in the air quality, temperature,

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A brief history of living walls.

Green Living Walls are becoming a more popular feature in both interior and exterior spaces all over the world, but the idea behind them is far from a design trend. The possible roots of the concept for this innovative method of plant display include an ancient wonder of the world and the concepts of a

Everything You Need to Know About Vertical Green Walls

If you’ve seen green walls used in other innovative spaces, you already know how striking and beautiful these elements can be. Bringing in a large element that incorporates nature can break up the monotony of a corporate building that doesn’t have many windows or a lush green space right outside the window. It can also

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