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Our Biophilic Design Highlight in Downtown Phoenix Building Redesign

The owners of Renaissance Square in downtown Phoenix knew they needed to do something to compete with surrounding businesses and office complexes. They were committed to a vision of creating a classic and timeless space through an environment designed with multiple natural elements. To complete this project they enlisted biophilic design experts, Plant Solutions.

Designers instinctively draw on nature as a source for their designs and biophilic design brings a more conscientious and evidence-based application of natural principles to the building and office space. As you can see in this video, the space has a sense of bringing the outdoors inside.

As you watch the video, take note of the use of natural materials and colors, daylighting, glass, nature-replicating artificial lighting, access to and views of the outdoors, partitioned or refuge spaces, and especially the plants, living walls and MossWallArt™.

Renaissance Square created a presence that is getting noticed and has “elevated the expectations for common spaces and design for the surrounding downtown Phoenix area,” says Alissa Franconi, Associate Principal. WATCH VIDEO

Biophilic design is proving to be a differentiator in any marketplace and Plant Solutions’ 39 years of experience was instrumental in bringing forth the economic and health benefits of biophilic design through this project. Everyday we support individuals and organizations to express in very concrete ways their commitment to the environment and sustainability, which translates to greater creativity, well-being and productivity in the workplace.

Greening Your New Year’s Resolutions

We are a few weeks into the new year, and some of us are already wondering how are resolutions are going. Others are celebrating how easily and gracefully changes are being implemented into making a fresh, new start. reports that 60% of people make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% achieve them. While these resolutions are typically about improving our personal well-being through diet and exercise, many resolutions are linked to the workplace. A few popular ones include improving work-life balance, career advancement, or pay raises or bonuses. Yet, few of us consider our workspace as an avenue for greater personal well-being.

Biophilia Makeover

What used to be seen as an “extra” design element or an afterthought, biophilic design has fast become more of a requirement when designing office work spaces of any size. The term "biophilia" refers to our innate connection to nature. Although many of us live and go about our daily activities in highly artificial environments, deep down we feel most at home in the natural world. Regardless of whether your resolutions are unfolding with ease and grace, the good news is that you can make a resolution at any time, and we suggest starting fresh with a biophilic office makeover.

This makeover could be on a small or large scale, so begin with your own personal space. It’s worth noting that biophilic design is quite scalable. It can begin with something as basic as adapting existing spaces through the use of natural colors, materials, plants, and water features. Plus it’s time to start fresh in 2020 with renewed energy and vision for our planet - in part because this year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd. What better time to take some steps to bring Mother Earth into your workspace than now, in acknowledgement of Earth Day? And it’s easier than you think, as horticultural experts Plant Solutions can show you how.

Commit to a Green Workspace

We make New Year’s resolutions conscientiously, mindfully and with great purpose, in order to improve our overall well-being. Yet, when was the last time you committed to making your workspace an avenue for improving that well-being through the principles of biophilia?

Biophilic design takes its cues from Mother Nature and recreates those inherent patterns and principles in your own environment. Gone are the days when people think of plants as only adding aesthetic value. Plant benefits include increased worker productivity, hospital healing rates, tenant and employee retention, sales volume, and many more.

Plant Solutions is your expert resource for helping you create a biophilc environment with living walls, moss wall art, and plant design through our customized plant rental programs. When people are given the choice, they choose a space rich with natural elements over those that are lacking them because we inherently are connected to our natural world. Plus, as you’ve heard us say before, workspaces that bring the outside environment into the office discover that employees respond by being more creative, productive and experience reduced anxiety.

As a thought leader in creating healthy and profitable building spaces, let us support you in making and keeping a New Year’s resolution sure to have impact far beyond this year.

Call us today at 480-585-8501 or SEND US AN EMAIL.

Spread a Little “Plant Gratitude” This Year

Many people are familiar with the 13th century philosopher and mystic, Meister Eckhart, who made one of the most compelling statements about gratitude about 700 years ago. “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Essentially Eckhart is inviting us to pause more often, and recognize the power of saying “Thank You” with our whole hearts.

These days it can be difficult for people to know gratitude, or to feel appreciation, as the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. Yet it’s important to know that demonstrating gratitude has become a quintessential practice for a life of meaning, peace, longevity and health. It would seem that gratitude is like a Swiss army knife! It can be used in any situation, so this year why not focus on gift-giving the “Plant Gratitude” way?

The Perfect Way to Express Gratitude

Most of us have people in our lives that would enjoy knowing how much they are appreciated, or how grateful we are for their attitude, contribution to projects, collaborative efforts, leadership, or friendship. And while the gift of a plant may at first seem out of character, or not personal, think about this: it’s the perfect way to express your gratitude with style. It is a gift that is enduring, beautiful and will remind the recipient of your appreciation for many months to come. A little “Plant Gratitude” can go a long way.

At Plant Solutions it is important to us that we make sure people understand that these green beings we share our planet with provide many benefits, including helping us hang on to that holiday feeling for a little but longer, reduce stress throughout the year, and even transform a corner of the office into a zen refuge. We often walk through life not even aware of the plants around us, what they communicate and how they add meaning to our days.

Have Your Plants Express Your Meaning

Believe it or not, plants and other foliage all evoke from us emotions and creative ideas, ultimately helping us be more productive. The look, feel and colors of plants have their own meanings, and by surrounding ourselves with plants thoughtfully chosen because of what they symbolize, we support a positive and healthy office environment. Knowing this symbolism can help you pick out the perfect plant for whomever is the recipient of your gratitude and appreciation.

For example, an Air Plant represents freedom and creativity, whereas a Bonsai Tree speaks to harmony, wisdom and calmness. Know someone beginning a new chapter in their life? Why not show your appreciation for them with Bamboo, which represents good fortune and longevity. Want to thank the person at work who is focused, loyal, and always enthusiastic? Give them the gift of a Christmas Cactus.

As you pick plants for your certain people or spaces, stop to think about what it symbolizes and what energy the plant is bringing to the person and the environment. Of course the symbolism isn’t everything when selecting a plant, but it is fun to let the person receiving your gift know what it means - and by extension, what they mean to you. It certainly adds a wonderful personal touch, and the recipient of your gift will enjoy the gift that much more - knowing it was chosen specifically for them and how it really is a gift that keeps on giving.

Gratitude That Keeps On Giving

Now that you’ve shown your gratitude by giving thoughtfully chosen plants, let Plant Solutions help you maintain nature in your work space. As interior, horticultural specialists, we not only help you bring the perfect plants into your environment, we are highly trained and educated to properly care for your plants. We take ownership for their livelihood, so you feel confident that your plants will look healthy, vibrant and beautiful everyday.

Finally, Plant Solutions would like to extend our deep appreciation to you for another great year, for bringing nature indoors to support healthier living, and for being good stewards of the environment. We wish all of you a wondrous holiday season!

Call us today at 480-585-8501 or SEND US AN EMAIL.

Illuminate Your Office with Holiday Decorations

Everyone loves the good cheer and warm welcome holiday decorations bring to any space. Imagine centerpieces of pine or willow-branch, glowing with red, silver or white candles and your favorite ornaments. Dress your doors or mantels with garland with pops of this year's trendiest colors. Get ready for wreaths that adorn your windows or doors with velvet, while bringing touches of whimsy or time-honored traditions to life. Think of the myriad of plants that just call to the wintery weather and holiday season. What if you could welcome your employees to the office in these festive, inviting and beautiful ways?

This year will be different

Adding plants to your workplace can help raise
company moral during the holiday seasons.

Before we realize it, the holidays are upon us, and while you may be thinking Halloween, we have been thinking about seasonal décor for months. While the holidays often bring up joy-filled memories, which can make us smile, it seems as though it doesn’t take long to feel overwhelmed or stressed by the myriad of lists we make for parties, events, gift-giving, shopping, decorating, and what seems like never-ending to-dos - and this doesn’t even include anything related to the office! Before you know it, the joy and child-like wonder of the season is gone. Every year we think, “this year will be different” - that’s where we come in.

Holiday décor can be easy, fun and add to your well-being and joy, which is what the December holidays are all about anyway. Holiday decorations leave people feeling happier and more comfortable, they even make your employees feel more at home. Did you know that introducing plants to the workplace can lower tension and anxiety by 37%, while fatigue is shown to be reduced by 38%? We all are no stranger to the higher stress levels, overwhelmed feelings, tensions, and fatigue that have become part of the holiday season. If you think about it though, with all the hustle and bustle that often accompanies each of us during the holidays, what better time of the year is there to reduce tension and fatigue by adding some indoor festive plants?

Also, holiday decorations are a great way to show your employees and your clients that your company is about more than just business. Among the office spaces and workplace areas that we often decorate, it is important to remember that we can decorate any space for holiday events as well. This includes but is not limited to the following locations:

  • Rented halls
  • Restaurants (with the locations authority of course)
  • cafeterias.

We will bring your carefully selected designs and decorations, set it all up, and handle taking it all down as well. We offer a variety of plant centered decorations. Some of these selections are listed here:

  • Ever green trees
  • Wreaths
  • Center pieces
  • Wall hangings
  • Garlands

We will use whatever colors or themes or items you think will look best. If you are not quite sure how to achieve the idea you have for the décor, let us know what kind of feeling you are trying to achieve for your holiday party and we can make sure that it is as warm and beautiful as you have imagined.

“Holiday décor can be easy, fun and add to your well-being and joy, which is what the December holidays are all about anyway. Holiday decorations leave people feeling happier and more comfortable, they even make your employees feel more at home… Also, holiday decorations are a great way to show your employees and your clients that your company is about more than just business.”

Check yourself off your checklist

During the holiday season, Plant Solutions
can help remind your customers and your
employees that your company is about
more than just business.

Let Plant Solutions take something off your to-do list by providing holiday decoration services. We will make your business look perfect, and you don’t have to lift a finger. If you are looking to get into the holiday spirit easily and effortlessly, we are here to help you. Whether you have a specific design in mind, or you’d like us to do it all for you, Plant Solutions will create a customized holiday décor plan to lift your spirits, as well as those around you.

Maybe you’d like the traditional colors of forest green pine with red and gold ribbons filling your office, or the good luck properties of mistletoe hanging around, or even some holly leaves symbolizing the new adventures you’ve had this past year. Perhaps you prefer a more modern touch of blues, pinks and purples. Whatever your preference, we can provide you with amazing holiday décor to fit your budget.

The most wonderful gift you can give yourself is to put calling Plant Solutions on your holiday checklist. Our expert designers will create decorations customized to your space and handle the maintenance that may need to be done with your holiday décor. Plant Solutions offers services that include all of the set-up, maintenance, take down and decoration storage - you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Contact Plant Solutions today to start your holiday season with ease and joy or get on our list for next year or check out our holiday brochure. Give yourself the gift of discovering how we can help you get started on creating the perfect holiday oasis.

Call us today at 480-585-8501 or SEND US AN EMAIL.

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Achieving the Living Product Challenge Certification: An Introduction to the Process

In May, Plant Solutions accepted the coveted Living Product Challenge Petal Certification for its MossWallArt™—the first and only interior art offering to be granted petal certification. But what exactly does this certification represent, and how does it pave the way for the next frontier of design? Let’s dive in.

Pairing less harm with more good.

“We should be making buildings in a way that isn’t just a little less toxic, a little less problematic,” explains Alexandra Muller of International Living Future Institute (ILFI)—an organization that has long served as a catalyst for healthy and sustainable building design. “We know how to build them in a way that gives back and has a positive impact.”

Launched in 2014, the Living Product Challenge applies the International Living Future Institute’s holistic perspective on sustainable building design to individual products.Living Wall - Living Product Challenge

The rigorous certification program asks companies to first ensure that their products are free of red list ingredients—ones that have been shown to build up in the environment and cause harm over time. Then, they are to work with third-party verifiers to measure the net impact of the product across key areas. How much water goes into its creation? How are its materials sourced? How much energy does it require? Answering these questions with certainty is an involved process, made even trickier by the numerous supply chains often involved.

From there, The Living Product Challenge asks companies to develop something known as a “handprint”.

“We’ve been looking at footprints for so long and thinking we have to shrink them, but you can never get your footprint to zero. As you continue to shrink your footprint, you kind of have diminishing returns in some ways,” Muller explains of the handprint philosophy, which was inspired by the work of world-renowned lifecycle assessment specialist Greg Norris. “He thought we were leaving out this whole world of possibility: Handprints are what we give back.”

Introducing the concept of hand printing paves the way for companies to think creatively about how they can be real forces of good in the world. “It has inspired a lot of creativity, a lot of out-of-the-box thinking, a lot of different partnerships,” Muller says, citing examples like Mohawk Flooring’s recent installation of smartflower solar panels that move in tandem with the sun to boost energy creation. Mohawk strategically placed the panels in 10 impoverished cities across the U.S. and is using them as educational tools to further amplify impact. “You need to think about where to place these positive impacts—how can something be even more beneficial when you think about who will be affected by it?”

This notion of reducing negative impact while finding new ways to create a positive legacy is unique and exciting, and it could have far-reaching effects on the design industry.

“We want to flip the script on sustainability—I hope the program becomes the gold standard,” explains Muller, who has watched the certification grow and attract companies across a variety of categories, from building materials and textiles to electronics and cleaning products, since its founding in 2014. “We’re not letting anybody off the hook when we think about handprints. We still need to shrink our impact but if we can create a more inspiring framework, we could have so much more impact and collaboration over a shorter period of time.”

The story behind MossWallArt’s certification

Plant Solutions was an early supporter of the certification, and founder Joe Zazzera has shown an unwavering dedication to get MossWallArt up to the program’s advanced sustainability standards.

“There was no barrier that came up that was too big,” Muller says of Zazzera. “He said he wanted his product to be the best it could be, so if there was something that had to change, he said let’s just change it. Let’s just do it.”

First, Zazzera got Plant Solutions certified by the JUST program, another ILFI initiative that designates organizations showing a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and employee well-being. Then came time to dive deeper into each and every material used in the company’s signature MossWallArt, tracing them back to the source and ensuring that all production processes were not just easy on the environment—but ultimately beneficial for it.Product Challenge Petal Certification

Zazzera didn’t hesitate to make major changes to the art’s structure in the name of full transparency. He got all of the wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (meaning it was harvested using best practices that respect old-growth forests and rare species) and began using mycelium, a renewable mushroom material, in the board. He was even willing to swap his moss supplier in favor of one who had all of the necessary sourcing information.

“For a product that’s mostly bio-based, you would think that nothing would come up with materials but it’s pretty incredible how difficult it is to get information about different components from your supply chain,” Muller explains. “Sometimes when you have to purchase something from say Home Depot, and you don’t know where it’s coming from or how to get that information.”

To further expand its handprint, Plant Solutions now gives money to local organizations McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, a local environmental conservancy, and Free Arts Arizona, which gets homeless children involved with therapeutic arts, donates showerheads to those in need to offset water use, and prioritizes employee well-being with perks like in-office meditation spaces.

“I think the product really embodies the program in a number of ways,” Muller asserts.

In a world where more and more products are touting green accolades, MossWallArt’s Living Product Challenge label is truly the gold standard—an example of staunch dedication to craft in the name of nature.

moss wall art

Plant Solutions showcases Asian inspired landscaping

Landscape inspirations from all around the world

Landscapes around the world are influenced by many different factors, including cultural influences, the types of materials readily available in the area and the plants that do well in the local climate. Taking inspiration from the way gardens and natural spaces are set up in other parts of the world is a great way to make your interior or exterior landscape look unique and stand out from others in the area.

Here are four international styles to draw inspiration from as you put your interior or exterior landscape together.



The Central Italian foothills are a popular place for Italians to escape the drama and traffic associated with Rome, so the region has long been associated with relaxation and stress relief. Tuscan design often incorporates a biophilic element by bringing the natural outdoor beauty of the region inside, using colors inspired by the nature in the region.

Many of the water features featured in famous squares and gardens throughout Italy were created during the Italian Renaissance period, which traces its origins back to Tuscany. Renaissance fountains were often statuaries, a fountain with an ornamental statue, from which the water flows. This provides the visual beauty of the artwork along with the natural movement and sound of the water cascading.


Opulence is the key when it comes to imitating the classic French style. Sometimes elaborate to the point of gaudiness, but never apologetic, French styling is designed to catch the eye. French styled features were often designed to be ostentatious and usually made of expensive looking materials, such as marble or gold. Famous gardens, such as the ones at Versailles, were constructed with waterways and fountains intertwined to encourage long walks. You may not have a large space but incorporating multiple elements can still work when they are proportionate to the overall size of the yard.

Asian Inspired

 landscaping Asian inspired

To those of us unfamiliar with the differing styles of Chinese, Japanese and other cultures, the word Asian lumps together many styles. Koi ponds, rock gardens, and Zen gardens all come to mind. In truth, some of these elements belong to the Chinese style, and some of the Japanese, with distinct differences in the way things are laid out

Homeowners who want to add a Chinese inspired garden should first spend some time familiarizing themselves with the art of Feng Shui, the classic Chinese discipline. Traditional Chinese gardens are composed of many elements, each placed in relation and harmony to the others.

The name of the Chinese art literally translates to wind and water, but it encompasses so much more than those two elements. Feng shui focuses on the orientation of elements together, to reach a harmonious balance. The art itself dates back thousands of years, with practice in China dating back to around 4000 BC. The simplest aim of feng shui is to achieve the balance between Heaven and Earth that provides a positive Qi, a type of energy. Throughout time, feng shui has spread from China to the western world, with many people using the guidelines to create a harmonious space.


Landscaping Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style conjures up a vision of shallow courtyard pools finished in blue and white tiles, standing out under the blistering sunshine. Here again, as with Asian style, the term is used as a catchall. The term "Mediterranean" refers to the style of a region of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, for example, Turkey, Greece, and Egypt.

Mediterranean gardens and courtyards often incorporate a water feature. These are usually shallow, tiled ponds in straightforward geometric shapes, without many plants or extra adornment. When placed in a walled courtyard, the natural sound and movement of the water coming from a fountain or waterfall is amplified to make it even more intriguing.

If you want to create an interior, landscape inspired by an international style that you admire Plant Solutions can help you. Our expert team can help with planning and installation of the right plants and other elements to create the look you want. Contact us at 480.585.8501 for help.

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How to Create an Interesting Indoor Landscape

If you’ve ever attempted to arrange your own plants to create an indoor landscape, you know there is more to it than how the elements are placed in the space. An interior landscape should include a variety of elements chosen to work together to make it visually interesting without being crowded. There are many elements that can be combined to create an indoor landscape that engages visitors and creates the right tone of the space.

Create Visual Depth and Height

Selecting plants that are all the same size or height might seem like a good idea at the outset but doing so can eliminate some of the natural charms of the landscape you create. In a natural landscape, plants are not uniformly kept in the same size or height. Using plants at different heights gives a room the feeling of being taller and lighter while staying true to nature. Select plants that naturally grow to different heights or use plant shelves and stands to elevate certain plants above others.

Choose the Appropriate Size Plants for The Space

Choose the Appropriate Size Plants for The SpaceProportion is a key element to making your indoor landscape work within the space available. Too much in a small space can be overwhelming, while large rooms with only a few plants can feel cold and unfinished. Larger plants are better placed in larger rooms. They fill the open space without crowding furniture and other elements. Smaller spaces can be accented with plants such as orchids and bromeliads that stay small as they grow. Hanging plants, which are back in style, draw the eye up to make a room look taller or can highlight special architectural touches.

Mix Textures and Types to Create Visual Interest

Unless you’re going for a minimalist, uniform look that calls for matching plants, choose plants with leaves or flowers of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Try grouping a plant with tall, green stalks with another that features bright flowers to create a pop of color to draw attention or mirror colors you’ve chosen for your walls. For a cohesive display, try matching pots or planters to give them a unifying element. If you prefer a whimsical look, turn matching sets of small sculptures or busts into planters. This gives them a cohesive feeling without being overly polished and perfect.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Bold Choice

 engaging interior landscape in your home or business, Plant Solutions If you want to make a striking first impression for when visitors enter your space, don’t be afraid to choose something bold. Large plants that stand-alone in an open space can make a visual impact, but only if the plant is large enough. A living green wall can act as a conversation piece in one of the central parts of your home or office. While these elements might seem complicated at the outset, they can be simple to plan and incorporate with our help.

If you want to create a unique, engaging interior landscape in your home or business, Plant Solutions can help. Contact us at 480.585.8501 for help with the design, engineering, and installation of your indoor landscape.

Biophilic Design - Bring Your Buildings to Life

Biophilic Design – Bring Your Buildings to Life

Failing to include plant life in your businesses master plan can be a big mistake. While we may not notice it, plants have a constant positive effect on humans. Not only do plants improve the air quality in an indoor space by producing more oxygen, the smells and textures they provide have additional physiological effects that help us feel better in multiple ways. Exposure to plant life can naturally reduce stress levels, help change your mental outlook to a more positive one and even help prevent depression.

Biophilic Design - Bring Your Buildings to Life

Why Incorporate Living Elements into Your Building Design?

The use of natural elements in your space instantly helps your employees and any visitors feel better. This is due to the biophilic connection that people feel with plants and other forms of nature. The human body longs to be in the outdoor environment, among the natural elements that our ancestors lived in for thousands of years. When natural is included in an indoor space, it softens the artificial elements and makes people feel calmer and more relaxed.

Including natural elements in the plan for your building can translate to many advantages for the building owner, including:

  • Improved employee attendance due to reduced sick leave
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Better levels of happiness and employee satisfaction
  • Improved morale among team members
  • Increased productivity due to better concentration

Why Do Living Elements Change the Overall Feeling of a Building?

Why Do Living Elements Change the Overall Feeling of a Building?

The effects of plant life and other natural elements on people have been well documented over the past few decades. Scientists have found many measurable reasons that plants change the mood of people within their range.

A University of Michigan study found that being around plants increases memory power. When outside or in an environment with plenty of plants, memory retention goes up twenty percent. In the office environment, this can mean employees giving more confident presentations and taking less time to learn new processes and procedures.

Flowers are naturally soothing and help you harness the power of positive energy to feel better. People who live and work in spaces with plenty of flowers are less likely to suffer from depression. The beauty of the flowers helps to create a positive and happy mood that can translate to a more positive mindset. In fact, studies conducted in hospitals over the last thirty years have shown that the presence of ornamental shrubs and flowers can reduce the time it takes for patients to heal.

The smells of certain plants can also have a calming effect. Mint, jasmine and eucalyptus are all known to have a relaxing effect on people who smell their distinctive fragrances. These smells are also associated with a fresh, clean environment, giving visitors to your space a good first impression from the time they enter.

If you want to create an interior landscape in your business that encourages health and wellbeing among your employees, Plant Solutions can help you. Our expert team can help with planning and installation of  the right plants for you. Contact us at 480.585.8501 for help with the design, engineering and installation of your indoor landscape in Scottsdale.

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