Everyone can build a green wall at home! They are a great way to bring nature into your home, especially if you don’t have a garden space. We always recommend using a professional to design, install, and maintain your green wall to ensure that your project thrives. More extensive projects, in particular, can be very complicated to take on on your own. An irrigation system is required to reach all the plants in your wall, and if this done incorrectly, your plants will not survive, costing you extra money to replace. It is worth it to your budget to hire a professional from the beginning. At Plant Solutions, we are experts in the green wall industry and have been in business since 1981. We will guarantee that your green wall will remain healthy and always look beautiful.

Can I Build a Green wall at Home?Green walls are becoming a popular way to bring greenery indoors. Green walls can be free standing or directly attached to a building. When done correctly, they are healthy and sustainable. These living walls are packed with plants and flora that benefit everything from our mental health to physical well-being.

Some specific benefits of green walls include:

  • Improved air quality- Plants act as natural air filters, purifying the air while reducing pollutants and increasing oxygen levels. Cleaner air leads to higher concentration and greater productivity as well as improved overall health.
  • Reduced background noise- Foliage reflects and absorbs sound that hits it, which reduces background noise in any environment including your home. Quieting this background noise makes your home as relaxing and peaceful as possible.
  • Reduced energy costs- The cost of air conditioning can be astronomical, green walls can help! Green walls balance humidity levels and cool the surrounding air through the process of evapotranspiration. In the winter months, green walls also act as insulation reducing heating costs.

Best Plants For a Green Wall at Home 

The sky is the limit for green walls, as long as a plant is suited for your environment, it can be grown in a green wall. The plants you choose also depend on if your wall will be on the exterior or interior of your home. You can even have a green wall in your kitchen with a selection of fresh herbs and veggies.

Plants for your green wall are selected individually for your environment. Every room has a microclimate; for example, a courtyard can be completely different than what is outside. At Plant Solutions, one of our expert horticultural technicians will come to your home to evaluate and analyze your climate and environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, airflow, and lighting before they make suggestions on which plants to choose. The following are common plants chosen for an indoor green wall:

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_list icon=”icon: leaf” icon_color=”#2fae21″]

  • Pothos
  • Lipstick Plant
  • Sword Fern
  • Rabbit’s Foot Fern
  • Cretan Brake Fern[/su_list][/su_column]

[su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=””][su_list icon=”icon: leaf” icon_color=”#2fae21″]

  • Wedding Vine
  • Peace Lily
  • Dracaena
  • Crotons
  • Philodendron[/su_list][/su_column][/su_row]

The possibilities are virtually endless with green walls. Take a look at our gallery to see some of our past projects. When you sit down with our designer, you can point out some of the things you like, and they will work with you to create a one of a kind design for your home.

There is no denying that green walls are impressive. We don’t generally see plants on a vertical surface, so it catches our eye. Green walls can transform any dreary and dull room into an alluring and inviting space. These walls are a creative way to give your home a unique, colorful touch. Your green wall will be the talking point when guests come over and will be a great first impression.

Caring for Houseplants

How Do I Care for Houseplants?Maintenance is critical to ensure that your green wall is successful. At Plant Solutions, we offer our horticultural services to care for your houseplants. One of our expert technicians will care for your green wall to ensure that it survives and always looks its best. The first few months are especially important for green walls. One of the most important parts of setting up your green wall for success is to have the irrigation and timing just right. We will set your green wall up for success from the beginning. If for whatever reason any of your plants start to die, we will replace them at no additional cost to you. Visit our website today to learn more about our services and set up a consultation.