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Bring The Tranquility and Serenity of Nature Inside

If you find yourself struggling to find balance in daily life, more time spent in the great outdoors can be just what you need. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your face and breathing in the smells of the forest can instantly make you feel far away from the problems and stress of real life, which scientists say can make a measurable difference in your health. Certain features in nature are proven to have a positive effect on your mental and physical well being. But for many people, it can be challenging to find the time to spend in nature. That’s why bringing certain outdoor elements into a residential or commercial space can be a great way to strike a happy medium.

What Are The Positive Effects of Nature on The Human Mind and Body?

What Are The Positive Effects of Nature on The Human Mind and Body?

Research shows that spending time in nature can have multiple benefits for the mind and body. Three of the key benefits research has identified are:

  • Better mental health, including less anxiety and reduced symptoms of depression. Spending time in nature allows you to focus on something outside of your daily concerns and stresses, which can have a surprisingly positive effect. A beautiful green forest or shimmering blue lake can be interesting enough for you to put your phone down and detach from whatever is going on in your regular life.
  • Better heart health. Walking in nature can reduce cortisol and blood pressure levels, both of which are key factors in how healthy your heart is and your risk for future disease.
  • Better respiratory health. Plants produce more clean air for you to breathe, which is better for your health than breathing re-circulated air the way you do in the indoor space.

How To Bring The Outdoors Inside

The simple fact is that most people have too much going on in their day to day lives to make time to go wander in the woods each day. But there are ways to bring some of the tranquility and serenity that nature inspires into an interior space, whether it is your residence or an office space.

Create an immersive space or focal point

Anything you can do to forget that you are indoors while taking in the natural elements will help you reap the positive effects. If you have enough square footage available to create a natural space, sunroom or even a reading corner surrounded by plants, it can end up being your favorite space in the home. The same principle holds true in commercial spaces. Both visitors and people who work in the building will appreciate a quiet, nature-centric space where they can gather their thoughts.

Incorporate multi-sensory elements

Incorporate multi-sensory elementsWhen you are actually out in nature, there are many sensory components that your body is taking in all at once. In addition to observing the elements of nature with your eyes, you also hear the sounds of birds chirping or water crashing against a shore and smell the fresh scents of plants and flowers. Indoors, there are easy ways to bring multi-sensory elements in, from playing nature-inspired sounds to incorporate nature-inspired smells.

Plan before you begin

Planning is key to keeping natural elements looking great over time and making them as maintenance free as possible for you. The best way to guarantee success from the outset is incorporating the right elements, like proper lighting and irrigation with the help of an experienced indoor landscaping service. Plant Solutions can

As an experienced indoor landscaping company, Plant Solutions can assist with finding the right ways to incorporate nature into your home or business and truly bring more serenity to your life. Contact us at 480.585.8501 and find out more about how we can help you.

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