Top 6 Best Plants for Living Walls

Living walls have gained popularity among the urban community in the recent years. With the need to bring nature close to ourselves despite the limited urban spaces, many people are now growing and nurturing indoor plants. One way to doing this is by planting a green wall or also known as living walls. This article reviews some of the best and most adaptable indoor plants for a living wall.

Best Plants for Outdoor Living Wall

Pothos (Epipremnum sp.)

Pothos is one of the best plants for vertical green walls in low-light situations. Pothos is a vining plant that is very easy to tend to and can be coaxed to hang from its resting place. Most of the plants are prolific growers, particularly if there is adequate light. Some can even trail over 20 feet high but can get a little wiry and spindly as they get longer and longer, so don’t feel bad when cutting them back.



Best Plants for Indoor Living Wall

Sword Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)

If you haven’t had much luck growing ferns, the Sword fern is one that is comparatively easy to tend to and has proven to be a good grower in vertical living walls. It’s more popular in tropical regions and humid forests, so it does like to be on the wetter side. Its recommended that you install these ferns placed closer to the base, so it’s easier to for them to soak up the water.



Best Plants for Indoor Living Wall

Lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus radicans)

One of the best indoor plants for the hanging basket, it takes lower light levels and dry atmospheric conditions with ease. This free-flowering species has cascading, shiny green leaves with burgundy underneath. With rich red flowers emerging from black calyces with waves of bloom, the plant brings life into your room throughout the year.




Plants for Living Walls Outdoors

Rabbit’s foot fern (Davallia fejeensis)

One of the goals for living walls is seeing that it is on a sub-irrigation system installed. By doing so, you can easily grow plants that you previously had challenges growing. This cute little plant has fuzzy little “feet” that stick out from its base. These furry roots will actually establish themselves if given enough soil, or you can even break them off and put them into moist soil secured with a hairpin to establish more plants. Quite unlike most ferns, this fern doesn’t like to be moist all the time and prefers indirect to low light.





Plants for Outdoor Living Wall

Wedding Vine (Stephanotis floribunda)

You can get the fragrant and beautiful wedding vine growing and place it near a north-facing window. It proves to be a very quick grower — and substantially tolerant to both wet and dry conditions and you can therefore try one in your living wall. The wedding vine, which borrows its names for its heavy use in wedding ceremonies, is a vining evergreen indoor plant with large white tubular flowers that can grow over 20 feet. Try putting this one on top of my vertical garden and let it trail up towards the ceiling.


Living Wall Plants

Cretan brake fern (Pteris cretica)

This perhaps is one of the most fickle ferns for any living wall, but if conditions are right, they grow well with ease. The plant has no tolerance whatsoever to dry soil, so the base of it should always be well moist. The fronds are pale green, which I like against the darker leaves of my other species. The name Pteris is also Greek for “feather,” which refers to its delicate and graceful appearance. If you can do with a slow-growing plant, It’s highly recommended if only for the unique appearance.