Benefits of Interior Landscaping

If you have considered adding indoor landscaping in your office, factories, school, hospital, or mall for decoration, you might be surprised to know how much landscaping can promote a healthier life and even save up your money.

Interior Landscape Plants

Interior landscaping plants that can be used in typically controlled cooler environments

Interior landscape design can also provide a pleasant and peaceful environment in work productivity or to relax.

The psychological effect of landscaping in the office environment is beneficial. On a recent survey, productivity increased by 12% when people completed tasks on a computer with plants, compared to people who performed a similar task in a room without plants.

Adding interior landscapes to your building is something that everyone should want to do for these benefits:

  • Decrease Noise Level Indoors
  • Loweer Stress
  • Increases Productivity
  • Improves the Quality of Air
  • Saves Costs

Effective Noise Barrier

Benefits of Interior Landscaping, Indoor

a perfect example of the benefits of landscaping in display in a bathroom

We can’t avoid feeling noise pollution in our daily lives. Places such as the malls, offices, museums, hospitals, restaurants, etc. can be annoying with unpleasant sounds made by the people, escalators, lifts, moving objects, etc. Many people find it disturbing, especially those who are sensitive to noise. It also can harm one’s health, affect the workers’ productivity, and distract people from focusing on work. Interior landscaping has long been used to decrease noise from busy roads, and a recent study has shown that indoor decoration can help lower background noise levels inside buildings.

Some believe that loud noises and energetic environment that target young people may enhance shoppers experience but the fact is, all shoppers desire to have a peaceful and calm environment when spending their money. To decrease noise and distraction factors, the landscaping specialists are replacing old cubicles for “tree walls” and other landscapers in the premises, as stated by Associated Landscape Contractors of America. Plants like vines on walls and lawns or ground cover planting assist in deflecting noises.

Plants and their leaves absorb and reflect background noise, thus producing a more comfortable environment for the occupants. Interior landscaping has many recognized advantages to their environments and the people in them. Noise decreasing is one of those less-known benefits of landscaping. There are many ways landscaping can reduce noise, and we at Plant Solutions are always ready to bring peace and tranquility to your business with the best solution.

Enhance Air Quality

Interior Landscaping Services

A conceptual display of achievable indoor designs when interior landscaping services are put in place.

Many employees will likely spend 90% of their workday indoors. The air inside the buildings can be heavily polluted with chemicals and carbon dioxide. Indoor landscaping can assist in tackling poor air quality, excessive background noise, and inadequate control of light and humidity by reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity, and reducing certain pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide, reducing airborne dust levels and keeping air temperatures down. The plants release moisture into the air through the process of transpiration, whereby moisture evaporates from the leaves. Additionally, indoor landscaping creates humidity in air naturally by releasing water and oxygen vapor.

Good interior landscape design not only purifies indoor air but also adjusts the indoor temperature and humidity, which is beneficial to human body health. The plants absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis to evaporation and release oxygen, while other plants can absorb the harmful gas, secretion, and sexual material, killing the bacteria in the air.

Cost Savings

Interior landscaping can also lower the electric energy cost without running the humidifier. This moisture promotes the cooling effect in the structure. Factories, malls, and offices can be crowded with persons in such spaces that use high air conditioning usage. It is common that the business faces high electricity bills.

Indoor landscaping can lower the reliance on air conditioning, which will reduce the electricity bill. Placing the indoor plant at abundant natural lights can lower electric lighting bills and maintain them. The interior landscaping garden can lower down the temperature and keep premises fresh naturally in warm weather. According to the University of Vermont, plants release moisture into the air through the warm building and can lower the temperature by 10 °C (Sanders, n.d.). Plants can help in reducing heating costs by adding humidity to the room.

Interior luxury landscape design services not only make your office, commercial building, hotel or mall stand out but also do they trim your electric and energy bills.

Plant Solutions provides specialized landscaping and ground maintenance services tailored to your specific needs and is dedicated to beautifying your landscapes for your business. Over the course of this season, we could put a fresh new face on your interior landscaping gardens that will look inspirational. Talk to us today!