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For every $100 spent at locally owned businesses, $73 stays in the local economy Vs $43 spent with non-locally owned companies. Plant Solutions is a member of Local First Arizona and locally owned since 1981. Our roots, families and the families of the employees who work for us, all depend on our local economy and local businesses. Arizona is our home of choice and we plan on doing everything we can to keep our money in the local economy. Why would local people ever use a national company given the choice?

Plant Solutions is not only interested in the idea or concept of sustainability, we are actually putting our money where our mouth is. We have been certified through a rigorous 3rd party certification program, Green Earth Green Plants. Analyzed, was everything from the vehicles we drive to the organic fertilizers we use. Additionally, our service techniques, routes and facilities are as efficient as we can make them with today’s tools. We still have a little work to do here but we are committed to the effort and the process.

Since 1991 we have been investors in the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. The council has been very active in bringing new companies to the valley, thereby building the employment and tax base. We are proud of the developments they have made, particularly in the area of solar and renewable energy.

Our company President, Joe Zazzera is on the Board of Directors of the national organization, Green Plants For Green Buildings. As part of his role on the board, he chairs their LEED Advocacy Committee, which is in development of a pilot credit for the use of indoor plants, atria and vertical greenwalls for the LEED rating system under IEQ (indoor environmental quality). Says Zazzera “Someday indoor plants will be the lungs of our buildings just as they are of the earth now. It is ridiculous to think that living plants should ever be excluded from buildings”

As members of Green Roofs For Healthy Cities, Plant Solutions is keeping up with the cutting edge of Green Roof and Living Green Wall technology. We are developing a strategy for the future to take advantage of this important work. As Green Roofs become more popular and specified in the Arizona market, we will be there to help project managers and owners move forward in their design and development of green roofing systems. In addition, Joe Zazzera is a committee member helping to develop best practices and training for vertical living walls and green facades.

Joe Zazzera often speaks to companies and groups about the many health benefits of indoor plants, atria and vertical greenwalls. As such he is a USGBC educational provider. As part of LEED credentialing maintenance, he can provide CEU training.

As an industry partner of ASID, Plant Solutions has provided many of the cities top designers with finishing décor and plantings to enhance their client’s environments. Your can see some of our best residential work in LUXE Magazine.