What is Indoor Landscaping?

What is Indoor Landscaping


Indoor landscaping is designing and creating an environment indoors that stimulates the senses with plants. Plants are used to draw attention to unique architectural features or hide sharp corners and building imperfections. Indoor landscaping can also be used to create separate areas in an open floor plan design.

Indoor landscaping is a great way to bring biophilic design to your business. This design concept is based on the idea that we have a deep and fundamental need to be connected with nature. Our cities and businesses have been designed in the past in ways that take us far away from nature, but this is changing. As more people understand the importance of nature, biophilic design is becoming more popular. Indoor landscaping brings nature inside in a way that works with your overall design concept.

Benefits of Indoor Landscaping 

Benefits of Indoor Landscaping First and foremost, indoor landscaping makes your business more attractive, but it also provides many physical benefits to employees, customers, and clients. Plants, in general, reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity, reduce VOCs, reduce airborne dust levels, and keep the air temperature down.

Plants are also beneficial in preventing the phenomenon of Sick Building Syndrome. This condition has symptoms of respiratory problems and headaches which are attributed to a stressful or unhealthy workplace environment. It results in increased sick leave among employees and an overall decrease in employee productivity and creativeness. Poor ventilation is often a cause of this syndrome, as well as excessive background noise. Plants play a significant role in air ventilation and purification and have noise reduction capabilities. Because the leaves of plants absorb or reflect excess noise, they make the environment quieter and more comfortable.

Many scientific studies have shown that interior plants have dramatic effects on the wellbeing of the occupants of the building. While the building feels quieter and more relaxed, it is more exciting, interesting, and stimulating.

Cost of an Indoor Landscaping

Indoor landscape costs vary based on the project size and scope and could be anywhere from $1000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Monthly maintenance fees begin at $150.

You should consider the cost of indoor landscaping as an investment in your business.

We will completely transform the look and feel of your workplace and bring it to life. The design will never get old because it is living and unique.

We also offer our horticultural services to our customers. With this service, a horticultural expert will take on all of the care for your plants on a regular schedule. You don’t even have to worry about watering them. This highly trained technician will visit your location on a regular schedule to provide all the care your plants need to remain healthy and vibrant. These services range from $150 to $700 monthly depending on how many plants you have and their value. We recommend using these services because they will protect your investment. You don’t have to worry about your plants being properly cared for; if for whatever reason your plants are not thriving, we will replace them at no additional cost.

Where can I find the best Indoor Landscaping

Where can I find the best Indoor LandscapingAt Plant Solutions, we offer a variety of indoor landscaping methods and services to improve your business. We are leaders in the plant design industry and have created MossWallArt as a unique, one of a kind option for indoor landscaping. We also specialize in living walls.

We offer living green walls, office plant rentals, MossWallArt, and even unique holiday designs. Whatever you imagine your indoor landscaping design to look like, we can make it happen. Our experience and education help us stand out amongst the competition. We have a high customer satisfaction rate because we genuinely care about plants and our work.

Our designers will help your business look great and bring many benefits to employees, customers, and clients. Call us to schedule a consultation to get started with your indoor landscaping design.

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