What is an Indoor Living Wall? Cost & Benefits

What is an Indoor Living Wall

Indoor living walls are structures that are attached to an interior wall that cover it with living plants. These structures consist of panels of plants and greenery that is grown vertically. Indoor living walls can be freestanding or attached directly to the wall and can vary in size and shape. The unique aspect of living walls is that they don’t take up very much horizontal space, so they are a great solution to bringing nature into a small office.

As people have become more educated on the benefits of plants, especially in the workplace, living green walls have gained popularity. Concrete and steel environments of the past are integrating gardens and facades in whatever ways they can, and indoor living walls have become an architectural movement.

Adding a living wall is like hanging a frame of living art that physically improves the environment.

indoor living wallWe will work with your aesthetic preference to help create a design that showcases your business and personality. You get to choose the plants in your living wall with the help of one of our horticultural experts. This technician will evaluate the unique environment that your space provides and determine which plants will work best. Some of the most common plants used in these walls include:

  • Pothos
  • Lipstick plant
  • Sword Fern
  • Rabbit’s foot fern
  • Wedding Vine

Many luxury companies are featuring living green walls including:

  • Anaha at Ward Village in Honolulu
  • Citizen360 in Manhattan
  • Westlight in Washington
  • 252 East 57th Street in Manhattan

A living wall is an excellent way to bring nature into your business and help it stand out.

How Indoor Living Walls Benefit Your Employees 

Living walls purify the air, reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds), add humidity to the air, and promote happier and healthier employees. We experience improved physical and psychological health, feel more relaxed and content, and are more creative when living plants surround us. Stress reduction is also a significant benefit of plants and living walls, giving your employees more ability to concentrate without getting overwhelmed. The improved air quality and comfort of the work environment also leads to fewer sick days amongst staff.

Investing in a living wall will connect your employees with nature and provide a workspace that offers peace and tranquility. Most of our time is spent indoors, and if you can make your employees time at work more enjoyable, you should. Biophilic design is the idea that as humans we have a strong need to be connected with nature, and our designers have learned how to create this relationship indoors.

No matter what type of business you have, your employees will enjoy the beautification that living walls bring to the workplace design while feeling the physical benefits it provides.

Why these Benefits Outway the Cost 

Arizona Living Green Wall CostsThe benefits of bringing nature to your workplace highly outway the cost. When employees are happier and more comfortable at work, they are more productive and creative. If your company provides retail services, a living wall will bring in an abundance of foot traffic. Everyone in the community will want to see your wall once people start talking, bringing business through your doors like crazy.

We recommend using our horticultural services to care for your living wall. We don’t just provide watering services; we provide total care for the health and appearance of your living wall. Our specially trained technicians will water, clean, fertilize, trim, dust, and provide insect treatments if needed. Care will be provided for your living wall on a regular schedule that works for you and your business hours. With these services, we will also replace any plants that are not thriving at no additional cost. Our horticultural services are a must to protect your investment and will guarantee that your living wall looks as great as possible.

Check out our gallery to see some of the projects we have created, and make an appointment today for a consultation. Installing a living wall at your business could be what makes you stand out among all of your competition, and propel your business forward.

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