Vertical Greenwalls

Vertical Greenwalls, or vegetated walls, as they are sometimes called, have been popular in Europe for many years. Plant Solutions has been developing this concept and product in the Arizona market for several years and has done testing and installation on many different systems.

Whether you are looking for a vertical vegetable garden for your restaurant or a stunning succulent wall for your living room, we have the right wall and product for you. We are truly leaders in this new and exciting market.

As members of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, we are at the forefront of new product development and installation techniques. In fact, we are participating on the standards, development and best practices committee that is setting industry standards for the future of the vertical wall industry in North America.

Vertical Greenwalls are project specific. We prefer to work with designers, architects and owners from the ground up on these projects to develop the proper lighting, drainage, plumbing, irrigation and electricity, if needed. A successful installation is based on early development and specification.

On the horizon are planted bio-filtration walls and living buildings. We will continue to be at the forefront of these exciting new developments.

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