What Is A Vertical Green Wall System

A vertical green wall system is a wall that is partially or perhaps wholly covered with living plants. Some green walls feature an integrated watering system. A vertical green wall is also known as a vertical garden or a living wall.

Vertical green walls can be part of an interior or exterior design. The plants you can choose from for your wall depends on where the wall is located and your unique environment. One of our horticultural experts will evaluate your locations temperature, humidity, lighting, airflow, and traffic patterns to determine which plants will do best. You will then work together to choose which plants you want to incorporate in your wall design.

Vertical Green Wall System
Here at Plant Solutions, we created MossWallArt, which is a feature in the innovative biophilic design. These works of art are unique and can be created in a variety of shades and patterns. We use real mosses, lichens, and natural woods along with other organic features to build an original handcrafted piece. The MossWallArt does not require much maintenance, so is an excellent choice for busy offices that want a live wall installed and not to have to worry about it again. To see out design showroom call for an appointment.

If you wish, we can even build an edible green wall. An edible wall would be a great addition to an upscale restaurant or hotel and would attract an abundance of positive attention. Guest can see precisely where their fresh fruits and vegetables are coming from.

Every vertical garden system is a work of living art. They are catching the eye of architects, landscape designers, and contractors all over the world and are becoming a part of the fast-growing interior landscaping market. We here at Plant Solutions are the leaders in the living wall industry. We are the experts in the field and have been around since 1981.

Benefits Of Vertical Green Wall System

Green walls are an excellent way to incorporate a garden area when you are limited on space, but they also bring many other benefits to the surrounding area and people who inhabit the space.

Some of their benefits include:

    1.  Clean the air of pollutants, dust, VOCs, and other harmful toxins
    2. Reduce background noise by acting like a soundproofing barrier
    3. Insulates and cools the environment
    4.  Outdoor walls create a natural habitat for birds and beneficial insects which increases biodiversity
    5. Edible walls create a sustainable and local food source
    6. Increases your buildings real estate value
    7.  Brings in more foot traffic in retail stores
    8. Boosts employees mood and reduces absenteeism
    9. Offsets the harmful carbon footprint of the population and fuel emissions
    10. Qualifies for LEED certification points from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

Many scientific studies have proven how beneficial plants are to both our mental and physical health. Bringing the natural world to your property by creating a vertical green wall will contribute to a much healthier environment for everyone.

Cost of A Vertical Green Wall System

As with every design project, the cost of a vertical green wall system varies from project to project. You can expect to pay about $195- $265 per square foot of completed space. MossWallArt starts at $295.

Some factors that influence how much your project will cost include:

      • Installation
      • Maintenance
      • Plant selection

Maintaining a healthy vertical green wall is done best when left to the professionals. We offer horticultural services to provide complete care for your living wall. With these services, one of our horticultural experts will provide routine care on a set schedule. They will water, prune, clean, fertilize, and when necessary replace any plants that are not thriving. These services protect your investment and ensure that your plants always look like they should.

Cost of A Vertical Green Wall
Vertical green wall systems can be installed on virtually any surface to bring new life to your building. Whether you are a business owner, property owner, architect, contractor, or designer, our vertical green wall systems can transform your building. Check out our gallery to see some of the past projects we have completed and make an appointment today for a consultation.

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