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Vertical Green Walls are Sprouting up Everywhere!

Eco-friendly vertical green walls

What do chic boutiques, renowned museums, swanky hotels, and private residences have in common? They’re all sprouting vertical green walls that many people consider true works of art! Whether inside or out, free-standing or attached to buildings, vertical green walls are an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to bare boring walls. They’re also a great way to use space that would normally be overlooked.

Options abound

Strategically placed individual live plants ranging in size from ground covering to small trees are what today’s vertical green walls are all about. But rather than sprouting from dirt in the ground, a carefully constructed and attached support system delivers water and nutrients to the many live plants, succulents and other foliage that form the basis of these living walls. Practically any type of live plants, succulents and foliage can be incorporated into these extraordinary plantscapes including edible plants like vegetables, fruit trees, herbs and salad greens.

No place is off limits

As the trend in vertical green walls continues to soar, so do the heights of these impressive structures. Today it’s not uncommon to see entire sides of towering office buildings covered in lush live plants. Hotel lobbies and interiors are other areas where vertical green walls are common. Living walls have even sprouted up along sound barriers surrounding highways, on walls where you might otherwise hang impressive artwork, and believe it or not, inside urban lofts and office space.

Large or small, inside or out, vertical green walls are sprouting up all over the globe, in locations and eye-catching designs never before imagined. Thanks to technological advances in landscape installation and engineering and the creative imaginations of plantscape artists, this is one sustainable idea that has definitely taken root and is guaranteed to thrive in the right environments.

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