Plant Walls

Vertical green walls, living walls, plant walls or vegetated walls have been around since the 1930s; however, businesses are now looking to improve the quality of the workspace for their employees, lower heating and cooling bills and promote a healthy mental and physical environment. Plant Walls To do this, businesses have been embracing plants and living walls and the way they help restore the natural balance. Learn more about the benefits of plant walls and how you can get one for yourself from Plant Solutions.

Benefits of Plant Walls

Whether you are looking for a vertical vegetated wall for your restaurant or a stunning plant wall for your living room, Plant Solutions has the right products for you. With the many systems available we make sure to provide what you need to complete a successful project. We incorporate carefully chosen plants and design to your needs. We are leaders in this exciting market. Check out some of the benefits of having plants in your home or business below.

  • Cleaner air.
  • Increased productivity.
  • A boost in mood and happiness.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Better memory retention.
  • Increased creativity.

Plant Solutions has been developing plant walls and products for many years, and we have done testing and installation on different systems designed for any special location you require. As members of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, we help drive new product development and installation techniques. In fact, we are participating in the development and best practices that are setting industry standards for the future of the vertical wall industry in North America. Learn more about how we can customize a green wall for you below.

Customizing a Living Green Wall for Your Home or Business

You are thinking of getting a living green wall for your home or business. What are the next steps? Reach out to us at Plant Solutions, and we will work with you to make your plant wall idea a reality. There are a lot of factors that go into customizing a plant wall, so be prepared to talk with our designers about the following factors:

  • Plant Wall Size – One of the first factors we will want to discuss with you is the size you would like your plant wall to be. The size will play a large role in the construction and design process, so it is something you want to be thinking about. Are you looking for a small living green wall to hang in your business, or do you want something larger that creates a wall in itself?
  • Freestanding or Hanging Wall – Plant walls can hang on a wall like a piece of living art, or they can stand on their own. Obviously, there will be a difference in construction when it comes to a hanging wall or a freestanding wall, so you will want to decide which type of plant wall will work best for your home or business before we start construction.
  • Irrigation System – Plant walls are a living system, so to grow, they need to be watered. Most living green walls are built with one of two irrigation systems to ensure their health or growth. The two types of irrigation systems for plant walls are a direct irrigation system or a recirculating irrigation system. The direct system is hooked up to an external water source like the city water. A recirculating irrigation system has an irrigation tank and a pump. The pump sends water through the plant wall, with excess water falling back into the irrigation tank to start the process over. Which irrigation system do you think would work best for your plant wall?
  • Types of Plants – Another factor that needs to be considered with a plant wall is the type of plants that will be put in the wall. For this step, we will need to talk to you about the environment your plant wall will be located in. Our expert horticulturalists will pick the plants that will thrive best in your environment. They will consider factors such as the amount of light, space to grow, traffic flow, and more to pick the best plants for you.
  • Installation and Maintenance – At Plant Solutions, we also provide installation and maintenance for plant walls, so we will discuss these services with you as we talk about creating your plant wall.


Arizona Living Green Wall CostsThere are a lot of different factors that go into customizing a living green wall for you. These are just a few of the factors you will discuss with the designers at Plant Solutions before we start to create your plant wall. Vertical green walls are project specific. We prefer to work with designers, architects and owners from the ground up on these projects in order to develop the proper lighting, drainage, plumbing, irrigation,, and electricity. A successful installation is based on early development and specifications, so we are open to your thoughts and ideas as we work together to develop a plant wall for you.

At Plant Solutions, we work to be on the cutting edge of new plant technology, so we will work with you on unique and different projects. On the horizon are planted bio-filtration walls and living buildings. We continue to be at the front end of these exciting new developments.

Call us today to discuss your projects or ideas! Or better yet, make an appointment to see our fabulous Design Showroom, we would love to meet you.

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