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Living Green Wall Arizona

Living green walls may seem like a new concept that is going to fade out over time; however, they have been around since the 1930s. Cities are growing like crazy, and people want to increase greenery somehow. One unique way to do this is with living vertical green walls. These walls can be placed on the outside of buildings or even on the inside.

Having a vertical green wall creates a dramatic statement and offers a unique environment for clients, employees, and visitors.

Interior vertical green walls create a gorgeous centerpiece in an indoor space. They produce natural airflow that reduces the effects of harmful chemicals that we tend to breathe in work environments. Vertical green walls function like a natural air purifying system that offers better air to breath, and a healthier atmosphere overall.  Some of the most common plants used in interior green walls are ferns, pilea, ficus repens, and calathea, but you can customize your green wall however you like. One of our vertical green wall artist here at Plant Solutions will work with your tastes and desires to create a green wall that will meet all your needs that you will love.

Exterior vertical gardens generally contain moss and vines. These walls give buildings protection from temperature fluctuations in the form of acting like insulation. They also offer UV radiation protection and protect the building from being hit with heavy rain. We are located in Scottsdale Arizona, but can design a vertical green wall for any area Whatever your location is we can design an exterior vertical green wall that will thrive in your specific climate.

Create a Stunning and Unique Decorative Space with an Indoor Living Wall

Not only will a living green wall look amazing and unique, but having plants around is known to reduce stress and therefore increase productivity. One study found that having just one plant per work space in the office boosted work performance by lifting spirits and promoting well being among staff.  This study also found physical benefits such as lowered blood pressure. To read more about the study’s results click here. Having plants in your environment creates a calming atmosphere because we have a more positive attitude about our surroundings. The following are more benefits of having plants around:

  • Stress reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced sick leave
  • More positive environment to work in
  • Cleaner air to breathe
  • Reducing noise
  • More creativity
  • Feel healthier

Here at Plant Solutions we only use the highest quality of plants in our vertical living green walls. We don’t just build living walls and hope they work in your space; we look at your specific space and the airflow, humidity, lighting, temperature, and everything that the environment consists of and build you a wall that will thrive in your specific space. Our plant artists will set up, deliver, and install your living green wall, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Because maintenance is crucial for your green wells survival, we here at plant solutions offer effective solutions to watering and nourishing your plants to keep them healthy and looking beautiful.

Enhance the Beauty of any Home or Business With a Living Green Wall

Enhance the Beauty of any Home or Business With a Living Green WallA living green wall will look unique in your home or business, and also offer health benefits. If you would like to have more greenery in your home or business consider a living green wall. You can get all the greenery you want creating a captivating space while providing benefits such as cleaner air and a more positive environment.

Vertical green walls provide more comfort for the workplace by raising humidity levels slightly and increasing oxygen. Studies have even suggested that plants in the workplace increase happiness and employee satisfaction in their jobs. When you are in a comfortable environment, you enjoy your time much more, which increases productivity and happiness

Vertical green walls can be placed virtually anywhere, some cool places they could be placed are:

  • Exterior and interior of homes and offices
  • Tennis courts and golf courses
  • Stadiums and arena
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Parking structures
  • Privacy fencing
  • Rooftop gardens
  • And so much more…

A really cool idea with having a living green wall in your home or business is that it can be made of edible materials. You can grow your own vegetables and herbs on a living green wall You don’t have to worry about not having space for a garden, a vertical garden won’t take up square footage. This is a great solution for those who want to eat better and know where their food comes. Imagine going to a restaurant that has its own green wall that provides all their vegetables and herbs, how cool would that be? Vertical green walls look very cool and are a talking point among customers and guests, not to mention the practical features they offer.

Living Green Wall – What is it?

A living green wall is a wall made of plants that grow vertically. They are also called living walls, vertical gardens, or eco-walls. These structures consist of plants that are vertically structured using hydroponics. These walls can be built basically anywhere you desire. They can be attached to a surface or freestanding.

Building a Green Wall – How Much Does it Cost

 Building a Green Wall - How Much Does it CostCosts for vertical green walls vary depending on the size of the project. However, they generally cost about $95 to $165 per square foot to install. It is important to remember that they also require constant maintenance to keep your wall healthy and looking good. Get a quote from plant solutions to get started on building your own vertical green wall.

Living Green Walls – How They Work

New technology is frequently developed for vertical living green walls, but they must have one of two irrigation systems, either recirculating or direct.

  • Recirculating irrigation systems- These systems recirculate water through the living wall. There is a water tank directly under the green wall that gets filled on a regular basis. A pump distributes water from the tank to the green wall, and the excess water falls off the wall back into the tank. The water is used over and over again in addition to the manually added water to maintain an adequate supply of water for irrigation
  • Direct irrigation- This type of system does not have a pump or water tank. Water for this system comes from an external source such as the city water supply. A pump is not needed because the water lines already have enough pressure to distribute the water where it needs to go. Water that drips off the wall in this system goes to a sewer drain and is not recirculated.

Most green walls are controlled by a timer that turns the irrigation system off and on, and how long to run for. Depending on the size of your green wall there may be multiple irrigation systems, even divided into different zones that need more or less water than others.

For smaller vertical green walls such as walls in homes, manual watering is used. No electricity or plumbing is needed for this system, you just simply water the green wall with a watering can, water machine, or a water tank on wheels, whatever works for you.

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