Is Smell The Most Powerful of Senses?

smell is a strong sense and helps interior landscapingAs humans, we have five primary senses: Smell, sight, taste, touch, and hearing. Are you wondering which one is strongest? New research leads to our sense of smell as being more powerful than the others.

As leaders in the interior landscaping industry, we see first-hand the impact engaging in all the five senses can have on businesses. Taking advantage of the natural smells of interior landscaping allows your consumer to interact with your business in a whole new way, creating a multi-sensory experience. Establishing more sensory links capitalizes on our emotions and establishes a longer lasting and stronger emotional connection.

Scents have the ability to influence human behavior and trigger emotions and memories instantaneously. When combined with other marketing tactics, a smell can amplify your business experience and help establish a lasting connection with customers.

Smell Is More Powerful than You Think

Scents make a significant impact on our daily lives, whether you realize it or not. For years, we have been told that as humans, our sense of smell was inferior to animals. However, new research finds that we can compete with rodents and dogs, who are known for having an excellent sense of smell. Humans can detect about one trillion different odors. The significant difference between humans and animals when it comes to smell is that we do not rely on our sense of smell to survive, like dogs and other mammals do.

Just because we do not rely on our sense of smell to live, it is a lot more important than you might think. Smell elicits emotions and memories, and strongly influences our behavior. Our sense of smell has a significant role in how we interact with others, select a partner, and helps us choose what to eat. When it comes to traumatic experiences, smells can be a trigger in PTSD.

A smell can also influence our spending habits. Scents are being used as a marketing tool in many businesses to make customers more comfortable in the environment.

Odors and Representations

Nothing is worse than potential customers walking into your business only to get hit with an unpleasant smell. Their likely reaction is to turn around and leave. Smell is a powerful sense that can affect our heart rate, make us salivate, bring back memories, and it can also make us buy. Scent marketing is not fully understood, but a natural fragrance has been tied with success with the marketing of virtually any type of product. The sense of smell is a marketing tool, just like a jingle or logo.

Smell has a significant impact on whether or not we will purchase something. If something smells good, it is generally perceived as good. One theory on why this occurs is that our limbic lobe controls smell, as well as our emotions. The quickest way to change an emotion is with a smell.

Why Is Smell So Powerful In Marketing?

Why Is Smell So Powerful In Marketing?A pleasant, natural scent creates a flow state, which is, “optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.” It provides a state where they can be totally consumed in what they are doing. Many businesses strive to create a scented brand, where consumers associate a particular scent with their brand. Because smell is the most powerful and emotional sense, you can connect with customers on a much deeper level.

With smell being so memorable, it is a great way to provide comfort to customers. When your customers are comfortable and enjoy being in your environment, they will spend more time and money there. In today’s competitive environment, creating a positive experience and emotional connections with customers is critical to winning brand loyalty and spending.

Here at Plant Solutions, we understand the comfort that plants and greenery provide, Not only with their beautification but with their scent as well. We know the impact interior landscaping can have on your business’s success. A pleasant, natural smell can attract customers, increase sales, expand brand recognition, heighten valued perception, and increase customer satisfaction. Visit our website today to learn more about the power of interior landscaping and how we can bring the great benefit of scent to your business.

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