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Noise Action Week – May 23, 2011

excessive noise can damage productivity

By Laura Hampton, eFIG | May 19, 2011 | topics: Noise Action Week

Noise in offices – it’s annoying, right? But it’s not just the disruption it causes that makes noise an issue for businesses. In fact, excessive noise levels can damage productivity and affect our health and well-being – bad news for business.

Luckily, there is a way of reducing noise that has a whole range of other benefits too: plants!

We already know that plants have a whole array of benefits; you only need glance at the range of articles featured here on the Plant Solutions website. From increased productivity to reduced absenteeism and lower stress levels, the benefits of plants really cannot be ignored.

But did you know that the introduction of plants into a space can actually lower noise levels and absorb those distracting sounds?

According to the eFIG (European Federation of Interior Landscapers) website; “Research has found that plants absorb, diffract and reflect sound waves so that noise is reduced, producing a calmer and more productive working environment. The reduction of noise by plants is most noticeable in spaces with hard surfaces.” Indeed, research into the area by Peter Costa of South Bank University, Melbourne, Australia, showed that plants both absorb and deflect sound – making for a much more comfortable environment.

Findings like this are always important – they prove that the benefits of plants go far beyond the aesthetic and confirm that the installation of plants in any area is a great investment. However, these findings are particularly prominent this week because it marks Noise Action Week.

Intended to draw people’s attention to the ill-effects of excessive noise levels, Noise Action Week runs between the 23rd and 27th May. It will be documented across the web so showing support for the initiative by providing statistics like those on the noise reducing properties of plants will really raise the profile of the interior landscaping industry.

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Greening Your Office

introduce an eco-friendly workspace

By Kathy Fediw, LEED AP, CLP, CLT | April 20, 2011 | topics: Eco-friendly Office Tips
Want to be more eco-friendly at work?  Here’s our favorite tips for greening your office space:

  • A plant for every office.  Did you know that the ordinary office plant can rid the air of harmful toxins, improve your health and make you more productive?  It’s true and there are over 20 research studies to prove it.  You don’t need a jungle, the most recent research shows that one plant per 160 square feet of office space (about the size of an average office) is all you need, provided the plant is at least in an 8” growing pot (a large desk plant or small floor plant.)  You could also use 3 or more tabletop plants to get the same results.
  • Bring in your own coffee cup.  You can cut down on the Styrofoam and plastic cups and bottles that fill our landfills by using your own cup.  Not practical?  Switch to recyclable paper cups instead.  Which brings us to our next tip:
  • Recycle!  Most urban areas and commercial buildings now have recycling programs, so set up those bins and get cracking.  Nearly 90% of all office waste can be recycled.
  • Use products made from recycled materials.  Recycled office paper is easy to find, as well as recycled paper towels, etc.  More products are being made from recycled products so keep your eyes opened.  Look for products with a high amount of post-consumer recycled material.
  • Open the blinds and turn off the overhead lights.  If your office has windows, turn off your overhead lights and use natural day-lighting instead.  Use task lighting at your desk if you need more light. You’ll save energy and enjoy the view!  Close the blinds over the weekend and at night to help moderate the temperature and cut down on energy use.
  • Own the building?  Use native plants and xeriscaping to cut down on irrigation water and grounds maintenance.  Your landscaping company will be glad to help you with a more eco-friendly design.  Set up a bird-friendly area with a water source and berry- or nut-producing plants while you’re at it.
  • Switch to fair trade coffee and tea.  Your favorite beverage can be grown in an eco-friendly manner, no matter what part of the globe it originates, and one in which local laborers are paid a fair wage for an honest day’s work.  Just what you’d want for your own family, right?
  • Kick the habit.  Smoking, that is.  Smoking releases all kinds of cancer-causing toxins into the air, let alone what it does to your own set of lungs.  You know it’s bad for you, but it’s also bad for everyone else in your office.  Besides, we know you’ve been wanting to quit, haven’t you?!

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