Keeping living plants looking good all the time is part art, part science, and we have a flair for it. We’ve been making our clients look good to their customers, their staff, and themselves by painstakingly designing, installing and maintaining healthy plants in environments ranging from patios to office towers and malls to mansions.

We value education -– for our staff and ourselves. We strive to be in the forefront of industry trends and to make available the most beautiful, most functional, and most exotic plants we can find. We seek effective solutions both for our clients and ourselves; the most efficient ways to water and nourish plants, the best alternatives for environments where plants are not likely to flourish, and the “greenest” ways to do business.


Plant Solutions was founded in 1981 with $500 from a credit card and a good attitude. While working nights for a local defense contractor, Joe Zazzera would design and install projects during the daytime, while working nights to support his young family. The business grew and Zazzera eventually began working in the business full time.

In 1988 Joe met a scrappy young man from Minnesota named Pat Mahan. Joe and Pat hit it off well and became fast friends. Pat had been pouring and finishing concrete for a local construction company and was interested in getting into or starting his own business. One of Pat’s first comments to Joe was “You mean you water people’s plants for a living?” “Yes, said Joe, it makes the people in the offices very happy.” Joe went on to say, “I’ll tell you what Pat, let’s separately list our goals in life on paper, then get back together to compare.” Their goals matched up nearly item for item and the rest, as they say, is history.

In 1990, after 3 years of working for minimal pay, Pat Mahan became a stockholder of Plant Solutions and earned 50% ownership. Joe and Pat have “grown” their business into one of the most well-known, highest quality Interiorscape companies in the Metropolitan Phoenix area. Their unique branding, high level of customer service and design, quick turn around, and well trained service technicians have made their business successful year after year. “We attribute our success to two things, says Zazzera, our Horticultural Service Technicians, and the quality of our clients.”

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